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The Internet Guide to Scotland was launched in May 1996.
Its sister web site, The Chatelaine's Scottish Castles, was started in January 1997.

Both web sites are designed and maintained solely by me, Daniel Mackenzie-Winters.

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Largely based on my personal travels around Scotland, The Internet Guide to Scotland is an 80,000-word guide which contains details on transport, sightseeing, activities and accommodation with particular emphasis on the Highlands and Islands (including the Outer Hebrides / Western Isles).

As well as designing and maintaining websites for clients in Scottish tourism businesses, I also manage social media channels for clients. I'm the digital manager for Scotland's Best B&Bs and have been working with them since 1998.

I am also the Chair of the Inverness & District B&B Association

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As far as I know, the information on this web site is correct.
However, if you find out otherwise, please tell me nicely and I will change it. If you are planning a visit to Scotland, I recommend that you double-check the facts before you make definite arrangements, to avoid any possible disappointment or inconvenience.
Accommodation prices, visitor attraction opening times and such like are subject to change at any time